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Khea is not only a friend but is someone who I often look to for fashion inspiration due to her love of vintage fashion but somehow she puts her own modern twist on the style. I wanted to get an incite into her shopping habits so I joined her in one of her favorite places to shop- vintage charity shops!


Q: Where is your favorite place to shop?

A: At the moment have been drawn to H&M but I also love to browse through charity shops flicking through vintage clothing re purposing old fashion.

Q: What are three items in your wardrobe you cant live without?

A: It depends really on the current season, at the moment three of my favorite pieces are my flower embroided top, mom jeans and my ultimate fave is my marina and the diamonds concert tee. I feel you can never really go wrong with a good pair of mom jeans – a style staple.


Q: Who would you say is you biggest style inspiration?

A: I follow a lot of accounts on Instagram that feature style inspo but I also love the style of Melanie Martinez because of her super cute baby doll aesthetic.

Q: How do you transition clothing from autumn to winter?

A: I feel a key item when transitioning would be jumpers as they are such a versatile clothing item as you can layer them as well as wearing them as they are.


Q: What item of clothing would you bring to a deserted island?

A: Depending on the weather probably a t-shirt dress because they are both comfy yet cool or instead a dressing gown so I can be warm and cool simultaneously.

Q: Black or White?

A: Black like my soul, but really I spill too much down myself to to buy white clothes. I dread to think what a day in the life of wearing white jeans would be like.


Q: How would you describe your style?

A: Probably comfy and retro – my mum always says I’m an old granny at heart because of my taste in clothing!

Q: Trousers or Dresses?

A: Trousers as not only do they keep you warm in the winter but you can go from patterned statement pieces to culottes the styles are endless.


Q: Does your style ever change?

A: Defiantly! Its cringy but I used to wear skinny jeans with tartan shirts tied around my waist topped off with a tattoo choker (I know typical tumblr girl). I feel I have developed more of my personal style as I feel more comfortable in myself.

Q: What’s a trend you are currently following?

A: I would have to say culottes and anything embroidery, I feel culottes are a piece that can be both worn casually or as smart due to their shape they also suit many body types. Embroidery as a trend fascinated me first with patches and ever since I have been smitten, in particular i am really enjoying floral embroidery at the moment.


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