Are you a Sheep or Shepard?


It seems all too familiar the uniform us a society inexplicitly  wears. Clothing stores seem adamant on selling us this individual brand of clothing, pieces that you perhaps wouldn’t wear on a regular basis presenting them as one of a kind. However when you think about it they have been sold in other stores nation wide meaning that the piece is therefore not individual and that you are just another fashion sheep.


Think about all the times you have seen someone wear the same coat or have the same bag as you. Clothing retailers see us as sheep that flock to popular items –its’ how they make profit. I came across the work of Hans Ekleboom – a conceptual photographer, who I feel perfectly sums up this public behavior. His public narrative of street fashion presents individuals to be linked by a particular clothing item or an outfit. His work strings -what would other wise be strangers together with this common feature. This cascading sequence links individuals with the repetition of what they are wearing; presenting the theory that’s there is no construct of individuality within society in terms of fashion and social expression.

Individuality offers an escape from the ‘mainstream’, fashion being a method in doing this. We need individuals in society to break boundaries to gain and progress. If rules are not broken within the fashion industry then how can designers progress. A world in which we as people dress the same is a world I don’t want to be a part of. It is the flair and creativity which makes fashion to me so interesting. The endless patterns, texture and colours allow fashion to be as diverse as it is.


To conclude my initial question, are you a sheep or a shepherd? In society I believe that there is need for both. Being one or the other doesn’t make you any less of a fashion lover but it categories us as humans showing that our behavior is justified. It is part of us to want to be better and strive for greatness; in fashion we do this by looking to others. Feel free to take fashion inspo from your favourite fashion blogger because it is probable that they to have been inspired by someone else.


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